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The Eenhoorn Federatie, which means Unicorn Federation in English, is the Dutch Federation of Clubs for owners of motorcycles of British origine. The members are the AJS & MATCHLESS - ARIEL - BSA - NORTON - ROYAL ENFIELD - TRIUMPH - VELOCETTE - VINCENT HRD clubs of the Netherlands.
Every year they organise a rally for British made motorcycles at a cafe at the Krim (Driebergen) in the centre of the Netherlands, a parts jumble at Wormer just for British motorcycles and the member clubs open some of their own events for members of other Eenhoorn clubs.

The Vehikel fair once was the largest European indoor classic motorcycle jumble first held in the Jaarbeurs, later in the Veemarkthallen (former catle market), both at Utrecht, Netherlands.
. Due to change of location it went in decline and eventually stopped in 2013.
Its successor Central Classics started in 2015 and was (and still is) a great success.

The National Veteran Rally is a yearly event in Woerden (Netherlands) where over a 1500 motorised classic 2- and 3-wheelers come together. You can view different makes of motorcycles from all over the world and also home-made contraptions.


National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2000

National Veteran Rally 2000 Woerden Netherlands

17 images


Vehikel 2001

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2001

31 images


National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2001

National Veteran Rally 2001 Woerden Netherlands

16 images


Vehikel 2002

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2002

11 images


National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2002

National Veteran Rally 2002 Woerden Netherlands

43 images


Vehikel 2003

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2003

19 images


Vehikel 2004

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2004

19 images


National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2005

National Veteran Rally 2005 Woerden Netherlands

26 images

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2006

National Veteran Rally 2006 Woerden Netherlands

44 images

Vehikel 2007

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2007

23 images

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2007

National Veteran Rally 2007 Woerden Netherlands

37 images

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2008

National Veteran Rally 2008 Woerden Netherlands

23 images

Vehikel 2009

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2009

6 images

Vehikel 2010

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2010

21 images

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2010

National Veteran Rally 2010 Woerden Netherlands

25 images

Vehikel 2011

Vehikel, classic motorcycle fair Utrecht 2011

16 images

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2011

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2011

17 images

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2012

48 images

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2012

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2012

50 images

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2013

28 images

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2013

151 images6 videos

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2014

35 images1 video

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2014

38 images6 videos

National Veteran Rally 2015

29 images

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2015

25 images2 videos

ZZ races Groningen 2015

33 images8 videos

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2016

13 images

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2016

23 images2 videos

National Veteran Rally (NVT) 2017

29 images

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2017

15 images

Central Classics 2017

11 images

National Veteran Rally (NVY) 2018

5 images

Central Classics 2018

15 images

Eenhoorn Unicorn indoor rally2019

20 images